New and Proposed Provincial Parks

The Saskatchewan Legislature has approved the creation of Great Blue Heron Provincial Park - the 35th provincial park in Saskatchewan.

Using the name of this graceful wading bird that frequents the area’s wetlands and lakes is symbolic of the main goal for the park, which is to conserve more of the watershed and habitat of the Anglin and Emma lakes area.

This new park protects an area of 11,168 hectares, encompassing two existing recreation sites and adding adjacent Crown Land.  The park officially comes into force in the summer of 2013 once administrative details related to the addition of Crown Land are complete.

The new park improves protection of an area of the mid-boreal upland ecoregion of Saskatchewan, local watersheds and natural resources that include several plant and animal species that are endangered or are species of concern.

Great Blue Heron Provincial Park is the result of more than two years of public discussion by the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport on a proposal for new provincial parks in Saskatchewan.  A second park in the Porcupine Hills area is still under consideration, but has been held pending further review and discussion.