Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

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Things To Do

Greenwater Lake is charming, with a great beach and a picturesque marina where kids can scoot around a small treed island on paddleboats which can be rented from the Greenwater Lake Marina.  There’s good fishing for pike, walleye and perch at both Greenwater Lake and Marean Lake, while winter aeration of Steiestol Lake is making wishes come true for anglers who dream of pan-frying a big rainbow trout over an open fire.

Water Recreation

Swimming: The Beach is approximately 200 meters long by 15 meters wide.  It is backed by a large irrigated lawn to the south and Greenwater Lake to the north.  On the east end you will find a picnic area tucked under a mixed stand of trembling aspen and white spruce.  You will also find a beach change house, complete with hot and cold running showers.  To the west end is the Beach Cafe, featuring fast food, full course meals, a coffee shop, and ice cream in a number of flavours.  On the peninsula between the beach and the marina is an imaginative playground that provides countless hours of fun for the youngsters.  The playground is readily accessible to the beach.

Fishing: Greenwater Lake and Marean Lake provide visitors with an opportunity to angle for northern pike, walleye and perch.  Walleye, the most sought after game fish, is stocked in both Greenwater and Marean Lakes.

Rainbow trout, also stocked, can be caught at Steiestol LakeSteiestol Lake is aerated during the winter and regularly surrenders large trout in the 10 pound (5 Kg) range and as much as 13 pounds (6 kg) or more.  It is a 0.6 mile walk to the lake; boat motors are not permitted.  Caution is advised when traveling on Steiestol Lake when the aeration system is operating in the winter.  The system normally operates from early December to mid to late March.

Boat Launch: An excellent boat launch is provided on the shore of Greenwater Creek providing access to Greenwater Lake.  It is readily accessible to a number of services offered at Greenwater Lake Marina, a facility that features pontoon boat, fishing boat, canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals.  They also supply fishing tackle and bait, fuel and oil, safety supplies and life jackets and confectionery items.  Greenwater Lake Marina also operates the dock and mooring slip rentals in the marina. Phone (306) 278-2845 for information or to make reservations. A filleting shack is located across the parking lot from Greenwater Lake Marina.  It features running water, lights, screens, and regular removal of fish offal.


The Greenhills Golf Resort is a championship 18-hole irrigated golf course.  This course is set among the rolling hills of aspen covered boreal forest in Greenwater Lake Provincial Park.  The Saskatchewan Golf Associations' rating for the course is 72.9 with a slope rating of 128.  At 6,717 yards, the course is as challenging as it is scenic.  The course is managed by golf professional.  The clubhouse features a pro shop with a complete line of golfing supplies, accessories, and clothing, plus club and cart rentals.  Enjoy the fully licensed bar and grill while taking in a breath taking view of the course.  Once you have golfed at the Greenhills Golf Resort you will make plans to return.  Phone: (306) 278-2489.


The Park Store offers a nine-hole mini-golf course.  It is a delightful course that will entertain your family.


The tennis court is located immediately to the north of the Recreation Hall.  It features an asphalt surface surrounded by an eight-foot-high, frost fence.  Two horseshoe pits are found to the north of the tennis court.

Hiking/Nature Trails

The snowmobile and cross-country ski trail systems are popular hiking routes.  These trails take the hiker into the outback, and right into the backyard of wildlife such as moose, elk, deer, coyotes, etc.  There are over 125 km of cross-country and snowmobile trails in the park that can be used for hiking.  Winter trail maps are available at the Visitor Reception Centre.  For your own safety, please notify someone of your hiking plans.

Interpretive Trails

The Highbush Interpretive Trail: has been completely overhauled in the last few years.  The trail has been widened, new bridges constructed and crusher dust added to the walking surface.  Viewing points and rest stops have been added complete with benches.  Interpretive signs along the trail make it a self guided trail, both interesting and informative.

The Marean Lake Birding Interpretive Trail: was new in 2004.  It has a number of signs that feature the birdlife of the park.  Well over 200 species of birds have been seen in the park over the years including the rare Trumpeter Swan.  The Trumpeter was thought to have been extirpated (extinct in Saskatchewan) until a nesting pair was found on one of the small water bodies in the back country of the park (the last reported sighting was in the late 1990s).  The trail is wide with a good layer of crusher dust spread over the walking surface.  Several viewing points and rest stops have been added.  An 18 foot two-level viewing tower, erected in fall 2006, provides a great view of Marean Lake.

Interpretive Center

The summer staff at the Interpretive Center can provide information about Greenwater Lake Provincial Park's flora and fauna as well as what the park has to offer visitors in the summer months.  The Interpretive Office, located in the Visitor Reception Centre, is staffed from late May to mid August.  Phone: (306) 278-3516.

Ice Skating

An ice skating area is maintained on the lake at the marina.  A shelter complete with heater and wood is provided for tying your skates and warming up.


A toboggan hill, complete with warm-up shelter and firewood, is located just past the golf course.  Bring your sleds and enjoy a few hours of family tobogganing.

Cross-country Ski Trails

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park features more than 25 km of intermediate level cross-country ski trails (see map at bottom of this page).  Given normal snow falls, the trails are groomed weekly and track is set.  There are a number of routes to choose from.  Two warm-up shelters are provided to give skiers a place to rest.  The trails are set in a beautiful boreal forest of aspen and white spruce.  Wildlife such as moose and white-tailed deer are often seen along the trails.  Once you have experienced the trails at Greenwater and taken in the serenity and beauty of area you will certainly want to return.

Snowmobile Trails

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park features over 100 km of snowmobile trails (see map at bottom of this page).  Given normal snow falls, the trails are groomed weekly.  All park trails travel a beautiful boreal forest setting.  Wildlife sightings of moose, elk, and whitetail deer and a large number of bird species are common.  Less common are sightings of wildlife such as fisher, marten, coyotes and wolves.  Four strategically-placed shelters are provided for snowmobilers to rest and warm up.  The shelters are supplied with matches, candles, an airtight heater and wood.  The park trails are tied into the provincial system of snowmobile trails.  Many park patrons tour the trails to Kelvington, Porcupine Plain, Chelan, Weekes or even Hudson Bay.