Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

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Educational and Interpretive Programs

Habitat Hike (Grades 1-3)

Students will be introduced to the boreal forest habitat through a variety of activities designed to teach relationships between plants, animals and the land.

Amazing Adaptations (Grades 4-6)

An exploration of the terrestrial ecosystem at the park will be done along the Highbush Interpretive trail.  Students will learn about the special adaptations that plants and animals have developed to survive in the boreal forest environment in the park and how the abiotic factors affect these ecosystems.

Earthcaching (Grades 7-9)

Students in will be introduced to the Global Positioning System and how to operate a hand held GPS unit.  Once familiar with GPS operation, the students will be divided into groups and will participate in the earthcaching adventure where they will locate earthcaches and answer questions about the boreal forest ecosystem at the park.

Snails, Pails and Cattails (Grades 1-3)

Students will explore the lakeshore environment and learn about Greenwater Creek.  Dip netting activities will introduce students to the plants and animals found in the shallow waters of Greenwater Lake.

Life in the Lake (Grades 4-6)

Through a variety of activities designed to explore an aquatic ecosystem, students will learn about the unique adaptations that plants and animals have in order to live in the lake environment.  They will learn about Greenwater Creek and the important role the lake plays in the park.

Aquatic Ecosystem Study (Grades 7-9)

The exploration of an aquatic ecosystem will give students in grades 7-9 an understanding of the important roles it plays in sustaining life.  Through a series of chemical and physical tests students will learn about a range of abiotic factors and their influence on this ecosystem.  A dip netting activity will allow students to investigate adaptation, classification and diversity.

Booking Procedures

Educational Programming is available weekdays from the last week of May until June 30, pending staff availability.

For more information about any of the programs consult the online version of the Education Package or contact the Interpretive Office at (306) 278-3516.